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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
The infamous Church of Scientology has been outed.

Wikileaks has thousands of pages of their "religious texts". The Scientologists have sent threatening letters, but so far the docs are still online and Wikileaks promises to release more.

I'm going out on a limb here and copying a few lines from the text. If I disappear and am never heard from again, make sure you investigate Tom Cruise.

Advanced Level 1 drills:

5.Seat yourself unobtrusively where you can observe a number of
people. Spot things and people you
are not. Do to cognition. Note it down.

8.Observing people, spot things that are not wrong with them.
Do to cognition. Note it down.

10.Walk around and note how people stick to the ground and their
sense of weight. Do to cognition.
Note it down.
Really, people pay money for this? Lots and lots of money?

From 1963 (or, 13 AD, that is, After Dianetics).

This same pattern, but given in an amusement park with a
single tunnel, a roller coaster and a Ferris
wheel, was used between about 319 trillion years ago to about 256
trillion trillion years ago, a long span.

The symbol of a Gorilla was always present in the place the
goal was given. Sometimes a large gorilla,
black, was seen elsewhere than the park. A mechanical or a live
gorilla was always seen in the park.

This activity was conducted by the Hoipolloi, a group of
operators in meat body societies. They were
typical carnival people. They let out concessions for these
implant "Amusement Parks." A pink-striped
white shirt with sleeve garters was the uniform of the Hoipolloi.
Such a figure often rode on the roller coaster
cars. Monkeys were also used on the cars. Elephants sometimes
formed part of the equipment.

The Hoipolloi or Gorilla goals were laid in with fantastic
motion. Blasts of raw electricity and explosions
were both used to lay the items in.

L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer, can you tell?

I made a new label for this post: Crazy is As Crazy Does.


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