It's Getting Ugly
Friday, March 28, 2008
...and I haven't even said a word to FILG (Father-in-Law's Girlfriend). Tomorrow is the final event, scattering the ashes off the pier.

Since she won't return my calls, here's an open letter:

Dear FILG,

Whatever problems you have with me, I don't care about. Be mad. Tell inaccurate yet entertaining stories. Whatever.

But, leave my children out of it. They have done nothing to hurt you. They still think of you as a friend. So stop using them to make your point and stop putting words in their mouth in order to vilify me. You are a mother. You should know better than to go after a woman's children.

As far as your proposed "solution" of fraudulently creating sales slips for items and predating them to before the surgery? You know, in order to defraud the creditors? We want no part of that. Keep the darn things. I think there's already been enough lies and deception, don't you? And I bet I don't even know the half of it.

All I ask is to be allowed a few keepsakes for my children, and the other children and grandchildren who were not able to make it to the funeral. I'm sure they would like some small thing to remember their grandfather by. If you cannot even find it in your heart to grant them a few tokens, I guess we'll make do with pictures.

Oh, and for future reference, you might want to know that it's generally considered tacky to brandish your own will at the the reception after the funeral and make a production of signing it, latching onto the funeral guests to be witnesses and sign their names. The grieving family members might even be offended.

BTW - like it or not, I am an actual family member. Have been for almost 11 years. Sorry if you find that shocking.

May you be filled with God's mercy,


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