Ecumenical Implosion
Monday, July 16, 2007
Warning: This post is unabashedly pro-Catholic.

Thanks to BellSouth's spectacular customer service failures, (and that is failures, plural) I was offline when the motu proprio hit the fan, as well as when the clarification from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was published.

I also did not have T.V., and our working radio, being in the only running car, went with my husband to work. So I do not know, exactly, what the backlash was, CNN anti-Catholic diatribes notwithstanding. (Outrageous as it was, I'm glad to see it. Freedom of religion and to say what we think, while not always wise, is our right!)

I am glad to see that the more thoughtful reactions seem to be coming out now. I don't know why everyone was so shocked to learn that the Pope was Catholic. Obviously, most practicing Catholics actually believe that Evangelical Protestant churches - er, ecclesial communities - are deficient, otherwise we wouldn't be Catholic. It's not like people choose Catholicism because it is so easy-peasy, just the most comfortable of the different Christian denominations. No, Catholicism is full of requirements, not mere suggestions. It is hard. You are called constantly to conversion, to prayer, to repentance, to penance. Of course, the benefits are quite good too! Where else does Christ nourish the faithful with His own body? (Read more Scriptural support here. John 6 made a Catholic out of me!)

Do you really think I wouldn't be all over the Baptist potlucks unless I actually believed the Catholic church had the fullness of truth? My husband's a Baptist... I know all about the ambrosia salad.

Albert Mohler seems to get it. H/T to Vox Nova.

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