Works for Me Wednesday #2: Whistle While You Work
Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Rocks in My Dryer hosts a tip fest once a week, called Works for Me Wednesday.

Although my favorite tip of all time comes from the Martha Stewart Show, wherein a linen expert observes that if one does not like to iron, one should purchase only clothing made of flannel and "sweat pant material", here's another practical little gem from the trenches:

Tired of shouting from your front porch like a fishmonger, screaming first and middle names as your offspring ignore your calls to dinner?

Kids claim "They didn't hear you"; or worse, try to wheedle more play time from their safe vantage point across the street, confident you can't make out the details of what they are saying?

I have the answer. I use a whistle.

Three blows, and my kids know they better come running. They can't argue with a whistle they way they can Mom's voice.

The whistle carries to all corners of the neighborhood. It is distinctive. No more claims "I didn't hear you", "I thought it was Johnny's mom calling".

You won't have to even remember your kids names. I know I've spent many a frustrating evening screaming at "James" to come home, when the child in question is actually named "John", and is simply wearing James's hand-me-down clothes and has the same hair (just like their dad's). And then John has the nerve to say he didn't know you were calling him!

Ever try getting your child's attention at Playland? With 17 other screaming children, some of which may have the same name as your lovely offspring - and 17 parents talking on cellphones? A simple, pedestrian yell doesn't have a prayer of being heard. Blow your whistle and everyone will stop.

You can lose your voice, but my whistle hangs from a chain around my neck and I can always find it! It sure beats shouting into the wind.

Playing in the waves at the ocean, kids can't hear you over the noise? Whistle. It works for lifeguards and policeman, it will work for you!

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