Obligatory School Planning Post
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The St. Joseph Academy for Wayward Children is an eclectic Catholic Masontorri Classical school. I blend a mixture of different philosophies, sampling methods here and there and keeping what works for our family.

But HOW does one plan the year, using 3+ philosophies? I took a cue from Three plus Two and planned a rainbow.

I used colored markers to write down what I was keeping from each philosophy, then wrote a very broad curricula overview.

Classical is Red: (This will be the backbone of our humanities program)
Original Sources

Parts to Whole

Linear History




Montessori is Blue
Hands On

Freedom within Limits

endent self-directed

Self selected, not pointless drill

Concentration, 3 hour work period

prepared environment

Charlotte Mason is Green
Nature Study


Living Books Narration

Eclectic/other is purple
Religion (Open Wednesdays, Alphabet of Saints, Liturgical Teas)

Integrating technology. (Yes, this may include repeated viewings of The Most Extreme on Animal Planet and Shark Week. Also, I want to start the boys on Scratch.)


Lapbooks (for science, mostly)

How does it all fit together?

Our school will provide an education based on original sources and living books, with freedom and hands on learning, including religion and nature study.

Most important are the basics of the humanities, reading, phonics, writing/narration, and history. Miquon math will include hands on practice. Science will be learned through lapbooks and nature notebooks.

Religion will include living books of saints, prayer tables and liturgical teas with prayer and Scripture memorization.

Students may select a topic of interest for in depth study, working during a deliberate work period.
Children may select practice activities within limits to complete themselves. Internet games, Leap Pad, and educational television shows will be permitted (within limits.)

Our book list is not finalized; we are using many of the same books as last year. We are still in SOTW 1, taking much longer on Ancient Egypt as that captured the children's interest and taking a side trip into American History last spring.

This is Mr R's first year home after 3 years of classroom schooling, and I'm not sure which books and methods will be the best fit. We'll be continuing Miquon and CHC spellers, as well.

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