Lawyering Up
Thursday, April 03, 2008
I've only had the occasion to hire a lawyer once in my life - when MY OWN car insurance company refused to cover an accident (they listed me as an "excluded driver", despite the fact that I was single, it was my car, and I paid the insurance bill. Thanks Progressive! You STINK!)

Now, in a single week it looks like we may be hiring three - medical malpractice, probate, and employment law. Actually, it's looking like we won't need the probate lawyer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday, his first day back after the whole FIL illness/funeral, he was told that he was getting a promotion to foreman and a raise. (Finally! Remember the problems he'd been having?)

Today they fired him instead for too many absences. All of husband dear's absences were excused, his boss (who also got the ax) OK'd them, and he's never been written up. He's been there for 23 months - an eternity in industrial construction.

His "replacement" - is a carpenter from...let's just say South of Texas... who doesn't speak English. Said "replacement" has been messing up work in husband dear's department for a while, actually, but now he's the only "journeyman" out there.

Looks like we're moving on top of everything else.


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