My Troubles are Minor
Thursday, April 03, 2008
It is amazing how close one we can get to people we have never even met. Somehow, we are linked. Our shared joys are increased, our shared sorrowful burdens become lighter.

A few minutes ago, I left the computer after reading some sad news. Husband dear asked me what was the matter, but I just told him nothing. How could he understand the tragedy of someone I've never met making his wife sad? He persisted and I told him... he not only knew who I was talking about (once I described his blog header), but he was sad too.

This is, I think, how the Communion of Saints is. Even though we are separated from our brothers and sisters in Christ who have died, they still love us from afar and feel for us, even if we've never met.

Dadwithnoisykids, of Scorpion Stalking Duck blog, asks for prayers for his son who died suddenly. His family recently lost another child, Therese Mary Catherine, in October.

Dadwithnoisykids has revised his original post. He explains that he has had the great privilege of having a special needs son, one who remained innocent even as he grew into an adult. His son never said "No" to God, and Our Lord gave him his eternal reward at a young age.

Please pray for the family instead, as they miss their son, brother, and friend.

May the Lord bless them and keep them, and may the be reunited with their children in the happiness of Heaven.


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