Food Stamp Challenge 2009
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
My family (okay, it was all me, and the rest were along for the ride) tried a food stamp challenge in October of 2008. We came in under budget - for many reasons.

I am starting what I'm calling a Journey to Simplicity in 2009. I want to make room for the things that matter. Part of that journey is simplifying our food and reducing our expenditures.

The fact that we need to buy a new (to us) Mamamobile that can fit 10+ people *might* have something to do with it, too...

I've seen varying amounts for the Food Stamp Challenge. Onedollardietproject allots $1 per person per day. The famous Oregon Governor experiment allotted $3 per person per day (all amounts are for food only).

I'm estimating for a family of 10 -since I'm pregnant. One dollar would be $70 a week. $3 per person per day would be $210 per week.

My goal falls in the middle. $2 per person, per day. I think I will be able to purchase organic milk, and plenty of fresh seasonal produce for $140 a week.

I didn't buy organic milk in December, but it is something I want to start doing on a regular basis. I don't think you have to buy everything organic, but milk + young children will have a big impact on health, IMO. Do your own research and do what's right for you.

Along the same theme, I know I posted about my meat dilemma previously. I am still undecided. There are butchers around, but I don't speak fluent enough Spanish to ascertain where their meat comes from. I've been kicking around the idea of ordering half a cow - my sister's in-laws do every year - but we don't have an upright freezer right now. We shall see how a quest for better meat pans out over the next year.

My first trip actually occurred on Dec. 31, 2008 - but the food will be consumed in 2009 so I thought it would be a good starting point. I'll do my darnedest to keep track of expenditures month to month. We continually restock our pantry and although I will be using things I already have (milk, rice, etc.) I'm not going to nitpick. I'll have to buy more and then those items will appear in our expenses.

I have a few freezer and fridge items on hand that will be used up soon, as well. I have a 10 lb. turkey, 4 or 5 bags of frozen veggies, two eggplants and a head of cabbage. As well as the ever-present gallons of milk and sticks of butter.

Mindfulness is the first step to simplicity, and I think publicly posting our food consumption will definitely make me more mindful! I hope it can help my readers, and I'm counting on my readers to help me out, with tips and recipes, too!

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