I'll Probably Be Flamed
Friday, November 09, 2007
But I have to put it out there.

I am a Catholic. My husband is not. He was saved in a Southern Baptist church, felt at home in the Calvary Chapel movement, and is "non-denominational".

Now, my question. Can someone please explain to me this "Accept Christ as your Personal Lord and Saviour, and then Once Saved you will Always Be Saved" business? I truly cannot wrap my mind around it. It seems to fly in the face of Scripture after Scripture.

I just would like someone to explain it without simply repeating the same tired verses because they don't prove anything to me. And yes, I've read Charles Stanley's "Eternal Security". John 3:16 is not a proof text for this doctrine. I've also e-mailed pastors and commented on minister's blogs. I have yet to receive a response from them, however.

I would at least like to understand what it's all about.

BTW: Catholics believe we are saved by grace, through a living faith evidenced by works. We do not believe you can earn your way to Heaven by being good. So please don't email me a list of verses about how you need Jesus to be saved. I know that already. I'm looking for an apologia of the eternal security belief. Use any mainstream translation of the Bible - NIV, KJV, etc. I won't accept the New World Translation, though!

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