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Thursday, October 18, 2007
This blog is my journal and record, of sorts... one that I know will not get lost in a move or milk spilled on it! Some thoughts to keep for posterity:

Baby X had sweet potatoes for the first time yesterday. We are expecting orange poop anytime now, at which point we will learn about the digestive system in Science class.

Our school has a name: St. Joseph Academy for Wayward Children. It makes me laugh when I get my teacher freebies in the mail.

I changed Mr R's supplement from ZincKing to RhinoZinc, because the taste was too strong. He is supposed to take two RhinoZincs, but usually only actually gets one. No change noticed so far - maybe he is ready for a smaller dose.

Mr R's current supplementation program: one Tall Tree, one RhinoZinc, one Coromega; two Inositol and two Choline mixed with applesauce, to give him:

1300 mg. Inositol, for anxiety and impulse control
620 mg. Choline, for rages/mood swings/impulse control
650 mg. long chain fatty acids because... that comes with the Coromega
350 mg. EPA
230 mg. DHA (fish oil is for mood stability/decreased mood lability) (Total 1230 mg. Omega 3 Fatty acids)
7 mg. Zinc (down from 12 mg.)
5 mg B6
10 mcg B12
5 mg B2
5 mg B1

The B and Zinc are for pyroluria. Sometimes he gets 3 Inositols (1950 mg.) on weekends when schedules are disrupted, and sometimes acidophilus as needed.

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