Food Stamp Challenge, week 16
Monday, April 20, 2009
My goal? Feed my family of 10 for $2, per person, per day ($140 a week).

I spent $121.29
Weekly average this year: $115.54
I'm adding in our "planned snacks" - usually fruit, and in paranthesis I'll not *my* planned snacks (I am on a diabetic diet)

I got:
3 pack celery hearts, 12# green apples, 2# fresh green beans, 3.4# bananas, 2# strawberries, 1 pt. blackberries, 25 kiwis, 2 lemons, 5# yellow onions, 5 avocados, 2# mushrooms, 5# carrots, ginger root, 2# bok choy, 1 2/3# daikon radish, 3 1/4# red grapes, 5# frozen broccoli, 25# russet potatoes, 16 roma tomatoes, 2# red pears, 10 heads garlic

2 gallons milk, 5# shredded cheese (for $10! What a deal!), 1# sour cream, 4 pk. generic vanilla Activia yogurt, 6 dozen eggs,

3 loaves bread, 1 box WW rotini, 2 boxes SmartTaste elbow macaroni, 3 pkg. fajita tortillas,

8.5# boneless beef roast

Strawberry tea bags, pancake syrup, 2# cheesecake, 1 pkg. chocolate chip cookies (storebought! Gasp! Kids didn't care, LOL!), TrailMix Crunch with cranberries cereal, 24 oz. ketchup,

I still have 3 heads of cabbage in the fridge, so I've got to fit that in somewhere, too. I'm going to attempt kimchi with some of it, maybe...

We're eating:
Sun Apr. 19 - oatmeal
lunch out (Souper Salad - had a coupon for kids eat free. Manager didn't seem to happy about that... but I didn't print the coupon! Less than $20 total)
breakfast for dinner

Mon Apr 20 - toast and cold cereal (Bought Grape-Nuts Trail Mix for myself - blech! But the kids liked it!)
peanut butter and jelly, pineapple (it's finally yellow! Husband making lunch, I have to take kids to the dentist today)
snack: strawberries, carrots
Pot roast, carrots, potatoes, fresh green beans

Tue Apr 21 - oatmeal
Golden cauliflower soup, toast (cheese toast? Maybe) for dipping
snack: kiwis, (yogurt w/blackberries)
Indian style chickpeas (with zucchini), rice, summer salad

Wed Apr 22 - Breakfast cookies
colcannon (potatoes, cabbage, bacon)
snack: grapes, (yogurt w/ strawberries)
Beef stroganoff, steamed broccoli

Thur Apr 23 - waffles
Cheesy broccoli and noodles
snack: kiwis, veggie sticks
Gingered beef and onions, rice, bok choy

Fri Apr 24 - oatmeal
egg salad sandwiches, oranges, leftover fruit
snack: pears, veggie sticks with yogurt cheese
Black bean tacos w/ fresh pico, coleslaw, jalapeno poppers

Sat Apr 25 - oatmeal
What we always have - something to be planned later!

What do you like to snack on?

See more menus at Menu Plan Monday!

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