Catholic Radio
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 it coming back to Denver? Several years ago, we had a Catholic station in the Mile Hi City, but it went off the air.

From my e-mail today:
The Catholic Radio Network (CRN) has an agreement to buy a Denver Radio Station

With the blessing and support of Archbishop Chaput, The Catholic Radio
Network ( ) recently entered into an agreement to buy a
station in the Denver market. The Catholic Radio Network is a non-profit
501(c)3 organization, and it owns and operates stations in Kansas City, MO;
Wichita, KS and Pueblo/Colorado Springs, CO. Denver's new Catholic radio
station will be an EWTN affiliate station. There will be a series of
informational meetings at the John Paul II Center, located at 1300 S. Steele
Street in Denver, CO 80210 on each of the following evenings:

Wednesday, March 26th at 7 PM
Thursday, March 27th at 7 PM
Friday, March 28th at 7 PM

If you are interested in Catholic radio and/or helping with this endeavor
please feel free to attend one of these meetings.

Annunciation Radio is now working behind the current efforts, success, and experience of the The Catholic Radio Network (CRN) to bring Catholic Radio to Denver in the near future, Please support the efforts of the Catholic Radio Network to bring Catholic Radio to Denver.


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