A Roundup of Mama's Homemaking Advice
Monday, November 10, 2008
Since I'm nominated in the Homemaker/Recipe category of the Homeschool Blogger Awards, I thought I'd post a sampling of my cooking and homekeeping advice.

That way, you can laugh WITH me at the nomination, instead of at me. Okay, we all know you're laughing at me. It's okay.

Clean your house in 20 minutes

Crockpot Lament

Vomit at Midnight? Some Perspective

Cheap, Healthy Meal
when you have no idea what to cook.

Decorate a Cake when you fail to plan ahead.

Five Tips to be a Great Cook

Organize Your Kitchen, Your Way.

Post Christmas Reflections, from 2006. Not poignant at all. My big goal for the year? Putting sheets on the bed.

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