Obama Lies, Cheats, and Steals
Thursday, October 30, 2008
I'm not subtle, am I?

I know many Christians and Catholics who are voting for Obama. They feel that other social justice issues, such as healthcare for the poor and immigration issues, are of equal weight to the abortion issue. This post is not about their situational ethics or the morality of such a decision.

It's about other reasons to not vote for Obama.

He lied about his campaign finance. He promised to use federal funds and work together with the Republican nominee to operate withing those limits.

He may have illegally taken money from foreigners. The FEC is dragging its feet about the matter, because they don't want to call the FBI in right before the election.

He does not have any measures in place to keep people from illegally donating to his campaign.

He bought the land for his Chicago home from a prominent lobbyist, who has since been convicted on fraud charges. He purchased the property for $300,000 below market value. He also bought a lot from Tony Rezco's wife for $500,000 below market value, so he could have a bigger yard.

Obama doesn't promise change from corrupt politicians. It'll be same old, same old if he gets elected.

The fact remains that he will not release his records - medical, Senate, college, or otherwise. And I don't know whether he was born in Kenya or Hawaii, but the birth certificate on Obama's website is a joke. Why won't he release that, as well?

I encourage you to look into these things for yourself. Stay away from FactCheck.org, though. Obama served on the board of the company that owns it.

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