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Friday, November 07, 2008
We are having a friend from the UK over for Thanksgiving, and I thought maybe I'd try a new dish.

I hate that green bean/soup/canned onions casserole and I also detest yams + marshmallows. Mr R can't have marshmallows anyway.

I do know a few recipes I probably won't be trying anytime soon. I signed up to be a Bush's Baked Beans test kitchen. They send you recipes, you make them, fill out a survey on how your family liked it, and then you get coupons for free cans of beans. I chose to test Kid Friendly Recipes.

The recipe selections included Banana and Black Bean Quesadillas, a pinto bean filled energy bar, and Strawberry Smoothies. The smoothie included a can of beans, of course. Blech.

Food Network is usually a good place for recipes. Paula Deen's Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie is awesome. But... beware of any recipe appearing on Iron Chef. You might be tempted to make something out of the ordinary, like Cantaloupe Soup (with lemon!) or Candied Bacon. Meat Candy is not Good Eats, as old AB would say.

Although this bacon lollipop sounds.... strangely delicious.

For your enjoyment:
Gallery of Regrettable Food

What's the worst recipe you've ever tried?

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