Australia, Oppressive PC Regime
Monday, November 03, 2008
Australia is our ally, our friend, the land of the croc hunter. A cheerful place of blokes and mates and crikeys.

The government there is out of control, and Australian "reasonable" policies could creep into our own government.

First, all residents of Australia must use the government Internet filter. Supposedly to block child porn and other illegal content, the filter reportedly is already is blocking information about anorexia and euthanasia.

How far “inappropriate material” may extend was not made clear, for example questioning Government policy where it comes to Aboriginal people could be deemed to be discrimination under Australian law and hence blocked by the censorship regime. Worst still, bloggers or those (such as forum owners) who allow users to comment or post could find themselves blocked under this proposal should someone say or post the wrong thing.

Australia has a government run health care system, and is short on doctors. A doctor from Germany came over to help out and set up a practice, but was denied permanent residency because his son has Down Syndrome.

"A medical officer of the Commonwealth assessed that his son's existing medical condition was likely to result in a significant and ongoing cost to the Australian community," a departmental spokesman said in a statement issued Thursday by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

"This is not discrimination. A disability in itself is not grounds for failing the health requirement — it is a question of the cost implications to the community," the statement said.

How long before Medicare participants in the US are denied coverage to extend life, because it costs too much, but are offered euthanasia instead? Oh wait, that's already happened.

If we don't vigorously defend every life, any life could be forfeit. If we don't vigorously defend our freedom, they'll slip away, too.

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