Doctor's Visit, 18 month
Friday, October 31, 2008
Baby X went to the doctor today for a well child checkup, and since this blog is also my family record and journal, here are the stats.

Weight - 24 lbs, 10 oz. - 25%
Height - 32 inches - 50%
Head Circumference - 90%

Blood Pressure - 96/64, - 95% (but not off the charts! Yay!)

Oh, and the doctor refuses to treat him and asked me to cancel all of my other children's well-child checkups because we follow an alternate vaccination schedule. An alternate schedule devised by myself and our previous pediatrician! It's a huge practice with several locations.

Nice, Texas Children's Pediatrics. You discriminate against patients who have adverse reactions to medication. Real nice.

Does he know it took me 35 minutes on the phone to schedule all of those appointments in the first place?

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