Toys We Love: Works For Me Wednesday
Tuesday, November 04, 2008
There are a few toys in our home that are constantly played with. IMO, they are definitely toys worth buying! I've mislaid my camera, so no nifty pics today.

A few years ago, my children received a set of foam blocks from their aunt and uncle. They are still played with daily by children aged 1-7 (and sometimes the 9 yo, though he'd never admit it!) They are quiet, lightweight, and don't slide off each other easily.
Lincoln Logs, the old classic, is even more fun if you buy a set of plastic farm animals.

My mother worked for a school supply store, and they sold these large rubber animals. The kids still love them. My BP son would sometimes station his hyena at the bedroom door for protection.

Tea Party/Fake Food - again, played with daily.

This jungle gym was purchased last year for $99. Fantastic investment. I have a similar linked on my Amazon sidebar.

Toys that did not work out so well:
  • Domino knockover set.
  • Connect Four (I know! WHY won't the kids play it?)
  • Art sets that require special papers or supplies. (Paint, clay, etc. are always popular, though.)
  • Musical Instrument that son wanted, but that I do not play. It's used... but not properly.
  • JumpStart software (my kids just don't like it.)
For more toy ideas and Works for Me Wednesday fun, check out Rocks in My Dryer.

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