How's That Working Out for Ya?
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Everyone's seen the Lifelock commercial, right? The CEO, Todd Davis, is so sure his service is the best that he openly gives out his very own social security number - on flyers, on billboards, on TV.

Except - 87 times people have tried to steal his identity. One succeeded.

And he's being sued. Clients claim that he knew his service didn't fully protect them - how could it when Davis himself wasn't even fully protected?

LifeLock customers pay $10 a month to do something that is available to the public, free. Highway robbery, I tell ya.

Your best protection against identity theft? Get a shredder. It's also helpful to have a little boy who loves machines on hand. He will beg incessantly to shred everything.

You are entitled to free credit reports once a year from the major credit bureaus. Get one from Equifax, then four months later get one from Transunion. Four months later, get it from Experian. If you see faulty information, contact the bureaus in writing. They have 30 days to verify the debt or delete it from your file.

And don't brag ab0ut how great your company is at preventing theft. That's just asking for it!

Mama Says:
Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended

OK, Ben Franklin actually said that. But it bears repeating!

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