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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr R cannot have food dyes.

He will not swallow pills.

Every children's remedy I've ever seen is inexplicably dyed neon purple, fuschia, or orange. Why? It doesn't make it taste any better.

This adds up to a perfect storm when Mr R is sick. He's miserable and whiny. How bad does he feel? Is it worth the risk of giving him Red #40 in order to bring down that fever?

Last week I broke down and gave him some Tylenol chewables. He didn't flip out, but he did regress about four years. He happily played with a toy firetruck for hours, making siren noises and running it back and forth on the carpet. He's nine.

I was bemoaning this fact to my sister, who found Dye Free Children's Motrin for me! Hallelujah!

A couple of handy sites for those with sick children:
Tylenol Children's Dosing Chart

Motrin Children's Dosing Chart

For more tips, go see Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer!

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