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Monday, May 19, 2008
I'll admit it. I'm a throwback. I have a deep, dark confession to make... I do not have a cell phone.

There. I said it. I use the nifty cell phone pocket on my purse to hold sunglasses or matchbox cars, depending on the time or location.

I used to have a cell phone, paid for by my work. My boss's wife called me while I was in labor with Miss C. And got mad when I didn't call her back until after I left the hospital. She was a control freak. Frankly, when I quit and there was not room in the budget for a cell phone, I was relieved. It can be a drag sometimes to be available to everybody all the time. Kind of like being a stay-at-home mom to everyone with your phone number.

However, there has been many a time when I wished I had a cell phone.

Husband dear is getting one. His work strongly suggests it. We're going with the Cricket $50 plan for him - unlimited calls, long distance, texting, and web access. Also 30 minutes of roaming, which he may need, since his friends live in the boonies out of service area.

My dilemma? I can get a home phone, or a cell phone for myself. It will cost about the same ($45 a month), except I will have to buy a cell phone. What do you do? Pros, cons?

And, anyone have a Cricket phone they recommend?

PS, I'm not doing both because our budget can't take it! We just filled out the benefits package for work and it's costing us $800 a month (and we opted out of the Vision plan), plus our new rent is 150% of our old rent. At least food is cheaper here!)

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