Disability Accommodations - When is it too far?
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
A church has banned a parishioner from attending Mass.

He is autistic.

Read the article before jumping to conclusions. Barbara at Mommylife shared this yesterday, and I commented there. I have more to say, though.

I have been that mom at Mass struggling with an older child throwing a fit. Mr R can sometimes be thrown for a loop, especially if sensory issues are involved. At my church in Colorado, I pretty much would just throw in the towel if we ended up in the back couple of pews, where the air vents blew directly on the backs of people. Last Sunday, the incense made him a little restless and chatty, but not too bad.

If Mr R was disruptive, however, I would take him out.

I do not want to judge the parents in this situation, but my heart aches for this poor boy. He seems unable to handle the stimulation of a public Mass with many people. I don't know why they would not have the priest visit them privately or arrange for a private Mass at home.

Their poor son is not treated with dignity. They bind his hands and feet at church. They allow him to urinate on the floor (they make personal care products for incontinent people, there is no excuse for that).

All are welcome at Mass, but there is also a duty to be charitable to others. We must love our neighbor as ourself, and not put them in danger.

What say you?

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