Still Packing
Monday, May 05, 2008
My solution to make more room in the van:

Mail the kids.

Why, yes, that is the four year old wearing a winter jacket, despite the fact that our air conditioning is still broken and it is 83 degrees in the house. She does dress herself, actually, now that you ask.

Gone to Goodwill:

12 16 bags of clothes
1 bag of toys
2 boxes of misc. household stuff
2 boxes toys
3 boxes of food and baby formula (given to Companions of Christ food ministry)

Given away Free on Craigslist:
1 queen bed, with frame
two diabetes monitors
2 bags baby girl clothes
1 bag of yarn
1 Cozy Coupe Car
1 box of dishes
1 box of toys

Things to get rid of:
Upright freezer sold!
Station Wagon sold
Extra books sold!
Air conditioner window unit

...and may I just say I'm lovin' me some Craigslist?

Picking up the moving truck tomorrow, so Goodbye.. for now! See ya next week unless we find a McD's with free wi-fi!


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