You Can't Keep a Good Two Year Old Down
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
My previous post was wrong. Or rather, the ER was wrong.

Miss C does have a concussion. Should clear up within two weeks, nothing to worry about, her pediatrician assured me. Um, okay. Yeah. Serious head injury on my darling baby - no sweat. Uh huh.

She is not walking, and in fact is doing worse today. Her doc got her in to see a pediatric orthopedist tomorrow. Poor girl.

She was so funny, though. She can't walk, so she was pulling herself all over the house by her arms. Nothing is allowed to go on in our home unless Miss C personally supervises the activity. I finally took pity on her and brought her little scooter inside. She's hauling around on it, one legged.

Children are resilient!

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