I Had No Idea
Thursday, May 01, 2008
that Ron Paul was still in the race!

Hmmm... so it seems the Republican choices are:

John three strikes and you're out McCain -
  • censoring the peasantry campaign finance reform
  • immigration bill with Ted Kennedy
  • the global warming thing with Lieberman, which combined with the immigration package would create a job-loss perfect storm.
  • He fully supports the Real ID act - the only presidential candidate that's all for it. (Do you really want the DMV to keep copies of all of your personal documents on file where who knows who can get at them?)
Oh, wait, that's four strikes.

Really? And our other choices are Hillary misspoke again Clinton, who is so infamous I probably don't need to recount any of the bazillion reasons I don't want her in the White House.

Or, Barack kill the babies after my 12 year old has sex Obama. I realize that's a long nickname, but I just couldn't fit in my biggest objection in smaller words.

Ron Paul might be a little extreme regarding the war in Iraq and the IRS, but at least he thinks Americans should be alive and have job opportunities. Too bad he seems to be the only one running who does. He also leans towards letting us live our lives in peace, without Nannystate monitoring our every move.

I just can't believe that these are our only choices. Gag.

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