Happy Anniversary!
Friday, May 23, 2008
Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.

Usually, our anniversary gets postponed and overlooked. We exchange cards and kisses. Life happens, and life takes priority over anniversaries. I don't mind, really. This year, we may go out, but I'm not sure. We are still waiting to get our house, and waiting to get our first paycheck.

This is a typical scenario. We haven't had many "standard" anniversaries. That suits me fine, though. I'm not an extravagant sort of girl...I'd rather have a new set of silverware, with enough salad forks for our family of nine, than a dozen roses delivered. (Not that I don't love flowers, I'm just cheap cheap cheap all the way down to my toenails.)

But you know what? You don't need flowers and wine once a year to make a great marriage. A great marriage is made by husband and wife giving 100%.

Every morning, when husband dear gets out of bed at 4:30 am to go work in the heat? That's his gift to me. When he goes to Mass, to help with the children, even though he's not Catholic and hate liturgical churches? A gift to me. Moving all of the furniture by himself (we've moved almost 20 times in 11 years. Yes, really.) so we can have a better life? A gift to me. When he eats lentils and rice, even though he's a steak kind of guy? A gift to me.

Because it's my blog, and I'll bore you if I want to, here's a rundown of our Anniversary History!

Last year, we had to move, and Baby X, 7 weeks old, had just been released from the hospital with no answers or diagnosis.

2006 - husband dear was 1800 miles away on the East coast. I had quit my job a week before. Mr R had problems at school and I pulled him out. Single mother with 6 children, including an infant and an unstable special needs kid? Not so good of an anniversary.

2005 - Newly pregnant with Miss C. Good anniversary. The temp job had turned into a full time position with benefits.

2004 - I was working two jobs (60 hours a week). Miss V was three months old. I worked as a temp from 7-1:30, drove home, nursed the baby, and then worked as a auto glass dispatcher from 2-7.

2003 - Husband dear's mother was dying in the hospital

2002 - We lived in a horrible little house in WY. I was pregnant with Mr S. We got the worst stomach flu I have ever had, and had to be hospitalized. Husband dear was so sick he couldn't move, so a friend of his brothers drove me 45 minutes to the hospital. Vomiting in a stranger's car? Not a good anniversary.

2001 - We took our honeymoon, a weekend in Green Mountain Falls, CO! Yes, we had three children and it was our fourth anniversary. I am a champion procrastinator!

2000- I don't remember any catastrophes or disasters. It was most likely a good anniversary!

1999 - I was on bedrest for Mr P, and just slightly bitter that I had to miss my sister's wedding.

1998 - Labor started for Mr R, 6 weeks early. He wasn't actually born until the 26th... do the math. Not a good anniversary.

1997 - Got married at the Denver courthouse. Moved to TX the next day.

Here's what I was thinking about last year on our tenth anniversary.


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