Tough Times
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Please pray for my husband dear. He is having a tough time at work. His direct supervisor and several others in high positions are embezzling from the company, and have been for some time (I'm not sure if embezzle is the right word. They are collecting pay for hours not worked, and for employees that don't actually work at the jobsite). The problem is compounded because it is several individuals who are all related to each other, and have a lot of power on this particular jobsite.

Husband dear is stuck between a rock and a hard place - if he says anything (if there even was someone to tell, which there isn't), he will get a layoff. He can't transfer to a different job because they've put a freeze on that. He can't quit and get a new job, because he has to wait thirty days before applying with a new company. Although his company is huge, they have no way to anonymously report such things and there seems to be little accountability. Apparently, some workers in the payroll office may know about it, but are sweeping the details under the carpet because the fraud has been going on for so long and the office never caught it. They don't want to be fired.

Husband dear is trying to discern what to do. It is coming to a head because a new superintendent has laid off most of the workers in an attempt to cut costs (apparently, he doesn't know why the job is hemorrhaging money), leaving just two people who are qualified to do the work of five (the other three don't show up, just collect their pay) and husband dear is one of those people. Consequently, he is being bounced from one end to the other trying to do everything. They also are in a pickle, because for months this phantom crew was *not* doing what everyone thought they were doing, so it has to be done now - an quick!

The new superindendent has also returned some heavy equipment, making everyone's jobs more difficult. For example, when planning the jobsite, they located the warehouse a quarter mile from the work area. Previously, each department had a golf-cart/Gator to run for supplies, but those are gone so every time they run out of fasteners, fittings, etc. they have to walk to the warehouse and back. Provided that someone hasn't stolen said fittings and sold them under the table, another problem at the site.

On the positive side, this job will probably drag on for months longer and husband dear is pretty secure in his position, since there's no one else to do it!


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