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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
An Interview with Mama by a four year old child:

Mama: I'm tired.

4 YO: Why?

Mama: I was up late. I was at the Emergency Room until 4 am.

4 YO: Why?

Mama: Because the 7 year old child who should know better ate this:

4 YO: Why?

Mama: Because children are childish. I hope she poops soon.

4 YO: Why?

Mama: Because there are only two ways for the key to come out at this point. Poop or surgery.

4 YO: Why?

Mama: Because by the time we went to two different emergency rooms and waited for four stinkin' hours to get a bed, the key had already moved past her stomach.

4 YO: Why?

Mama: Peristalsis.

4 YO: [Blank stare]

4 YO: [Regaining her composure] Why?

Maybe I'll print up some worksheets on the digestive system and at least get a week's science class out of this deal.

(Note: That's not her actual X-ray, I got it off Google. Apparently, this has happened before...)

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