WFMW: Advice Edition
Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Today's Works for Me Wednesday is another backwards edition - I ask you, my faithful readers, for advice.

When Miss E was two years old, she had a total meltdown at McDonald's playland. Rolling on the floor, screaming, kicking... it was all there. Another mother felt the need to let me know that she was throwing a fit because she felt abandoned, and it really wasn't good to let her cry like that, and I should make sure poor, fussy Miss E knew she was heard.

I told the woman that when I started parenting by public opinion poll, she'd be the first to know and went back to studiously ignoring both the toddler and the interloper.

Well, folks, that day is today!

Here's the situation:

In our home, we do not allow girls to play in the boys' room or vice versa. (Exceptions are made for family members, obviously.) They may be little, but I want this to have always been our rule. It's much easier to reinforce a standing house rule than it is to suddenly create a new one after there has been a problem with a fifteen year old!

Anyway, my children are also so very, very often reprimanded for making the "best buddy" club. The Best Buddy Club is a way of excluding whichever sibling is not liked at that moment. Basically, one of the kids will taunt the disfavored one by saying "You're not in my Best Buddy Club" until the outcast starts crying. Then they feel sorry for the crying brother or sister and let him or her in the Best Buddy Club so they'll feel better. Generally, there is enough whining, crying and tattling accompanying this game to drive me out of my ever-loving mind.

They are not allowed to have the Best Buddy club because families stick together no matter what, and kids don't make other people feel bad in our family. That's my job.

Now, my children have started the dreaded "No Boys Allowed" and "NO Sisturs" signs posted on their door. Should they stay or should they go?

It is a house rule, but we also don't exclude. Talk amongst yourselves!

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