The Secret Life of Soccer Moms
Tuesday, March 04, 2008
TLC has a new reality show, The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. The show goes like this:
Mom gave up a dream job or fulfilling career in order to rear her little sprouts. She often wonders what coulda been. Tracey Gold gives them the opportunity to find out. All the mom has to do is lie to her family on a consistent basis while she sneaks off for a week of work experience in her chosen field.

I did not watch the whole show. There was a much more interesting program on the Science channel about the Microsoft vs. Netscape debacle of the late nineties... I guess that tells you how interesting I found it! I flipped over during the Sonic commercials.

Usually I love TLC's reality programs. Love me some Jon and Kate, love me some Roloff fun! I did not care so much for this one. The mother in the show is a control freak. Not only does she lie to her husband about going to the spa (she is really working on dresses for a fashion show), host Tracey Gold encourages it by calling unexpectedly during the family breakfast. "Who was that?" her husband asks. "Um, uh.... Helen. Yeah, Helen." Mom is not very good at lying.

She has a flock of assistants taking over her duties at home, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Apparently, the family doesn't like the fake-mom's cooking, because they think dinner tastes weird. Mom covers by blaming it on a new sauce packet that contains onions.

The mother's attitude towards her husband is revealed in an interview with her school aged daughter, Kayla. "My dad is clueless, because he's a man and they do not know how to do anything," she says. BTW - the dad is a medical doctor, not exactly the typical sitcom ignoramus! This is a shining example of why mothers at home should watch how they talk about their man! Do we want our daughters to see men as friends and partners, or as clueless children who must be managed and manipulated?

A large part of the show seems to be knowing laughter at ho incompetent the dads are and how easily the moms get away with lying to their whole family. I suppose most people would not have a problem with that, but how would the moms feel if they suddenly found out their husbands had been ditching work, hiring people to cover for them, and taking scuba diving lessons all week? How would she feel if he told her he was going on a business trip to Cleveland, but really went on casting calls in Hollywood - and had his secretary, sister, and the dry cleaner lie for him?

I probably will be skipping this one. Future episode feature a mom who dreams of being a cop and one who dreams of being a chef. I don't know what fibs they use as an excuse to get out of the house. I think this show, instead of encouraging an often lonely and marginalized demographic of stay at home moms, actually celebrates their dissatisfaction. Instead of helping women see value in their vocation, their teased with a carrot of career satisfaction - all while driving a wedge between themselves and their loved ones.

And... while I'm on the subject of reality shows.... Housewives of Orange County? You're not a HOUSEWIFE if you are not married and don't stay home taking care of your family and your house. But I guess Spoiled Divorcee Workaholics isn't as catchy of a title.

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