Ora et Labora - sin Ova
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
(Wow. The whole title is in Latin. Please do not tell me how ungrammatical it is. Ignorance is bliss - and I only know select vocabulary words, not declinations!)

Remember last year, when PETA set about browbeating the local Trappist monks because they - gasp - sold eggs to grocery stores, in order to fund their monastery?

PETA decided to stage a picket of the dastardly partners in chicken exploitation - Piggly Wiggly.

Piggly Wiggly is standing their ground, declaring they will be selling Mepkin Abbey eggs for as long as the monks supply them. Yes, folks, the Pig has redeemed itself and Mama just may be shopping there again soon! (Well, they also have the best produce in town so I couldn't really stay mad for long.)

The monks have a peaceful, reclusive way of life. In fact, they have built a senior wing onto their monastery, so that older members can be cared for on the grounds and never have to be sent to a nursing home. They are real monks who work and pray.

They also have a really awesome library packed to the gills with all sorts of scholarly books, and academics wait to get appointments. I can't wait to get in there someday without the children present!

There was a possibility that the protesters would disrupt church services, particularly on holy days (Christmas Eve, for example) causing a spectacle, police involvement, or worse. So the Abbot, in a preemptive strike, declared that Mepkin Abbey will be phasing out their egg operations. PETA, having nothing to protest against, will hopefully leave these poor men alone.

A particularly ironic twist to the saga is that the monks were planning to phase out egg production for some time - they were simply waiting until they had another source of income first. Now there is some urgency to replace the egg money. I've heard they are starting a Native Plant program, and perhaps will be selling plants sometime in the near future.

They also have a store, featuring sculptures of the Holy Family handmade by nuns and more. Check out their compost tea - made on site. A $5 bag makes over 30 gallons of goodness for your garden! Get it while you can - when the chickens go, so do the natural fertilizers (another revenue stream that will have to be replaced.) It doesn't look like you can order online, but you can print and fax an order form as well as call.

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