An Open Letter
Friday, November 02, 2007
Dear Piggly Wiggly Manager,

I know that working on a holiday must be a trial, but really, all I wanted was to buy meat for my family. It may have been Halloween, but it was also the day new sales flyers come out and when I saw that once again The Pig was having a great sale I had to rush right over.

A few notes on our transaction.

If the flyer advertises fresh pork picnic for 88 cents a pound, and you no longer have any, and a customer requests a raincheck, please don't disappear into the bowels of the meat locker for ten minutes to make sure there are none left.

If you call the cashier from the bowels of the meat locker to find out how much pork I wanted, and the I ask how big they are, replying "12 by 18 inches" is not helpful. I'm looking for poundage.

If I say that I want 20 pounds of fresh pork picnic, and you bring me 30 pounds of smoked pork hocks (up to 20% added ingredients, consisting of sodium blah blah blah, sodium cantpronouncethechemical, and sodium toomany"y's"inthat word) don't get upset when I repeat my request for a raincheck.

Don't insist that smoked pork hocks are the exact same thing as fresh pork picnics. They are not. Saying that they are ten times will not make it so. This is not Kenneth Hagin's grocery story, you can't name it and claim it.

Don't wander off without resolving whether or not I will get a raincheck (apparently not).

And then don't find me in the parking lot when you are grabbing carts to tell me again how wrong I am and how I should have just taken the smoked stuff.

Because now I have to go to confession after ranting *ahem* relating the incident to my husband.


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