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Saturday, December 29, 2007
I think some mail has been misdelivered.

Well, it did have my name on it, and our house number, but it couldn't possibly be for me. It's an offer to subscribe to the exciting new magazine Cookie, "the magazine for the woman inside the mother". Well, if the woman inside the mother is self-seeking, worldly, and sees motherhood as a hobby to pass the time and not as a vocation, I guess. I'm not all that concerned that other mothers see my child in designer clothes and with fully prepared with the kiddie yoga sessions programmed into my Blackberry, so we will never miss a class, unless it comflicts with shopping for the perfect vase, of course. Although, if you're interested, they do have an informative article on choosing the right yoga program for your tot.

The copy inside is actually trying to entice me to send them my $12 with tidbits like this:
From a beautiful, cashmere soft designer hoodie for your child... to a dazzling pair of freshwater pearl earrings to for you...
and this
What do smart, sexy, stylish moms do?
Sorry, but if anyone is getting designer cashmere, it's not the toddler. And what does a designer hoodie look like, anyway? Any mother worth her salt knows to avoid clothing that must be removed over the head as much as possible - especially mudwear outdoor clothing.

Smart, yes. Stylish and sexy? Not so much. Of course, the brand of "sexy" they are promoting is probably the one that the world glorifies, the enticing of men to look lustfully at a a woman (why on earth would that be a goal for a smart woman?) Nine pregnancies in ten years are a good indicator that I'm sexy enough without the magazines help, thank you very much.

I went to their website and saw that they have a featured columnist called Crabmommy. Click on "hear her whine" to access the columns. I've got way to much whining around here, already.
Why would I want to read about a mother who calles her child "crabtot", bemoans the hideousness of having to travel alone with her child, and then finishes by wishing a "happy happy to those of you who do the Jesus birthday thing."

I think I'll pass.

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