How'd I Do?
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
I was quite intimidated, and a little skeptical, but the lure of free loot at Walgreen's and CVS is strong.

I dipped my toe in the water tonight, and I don't think I did half bad.

I paid $36.37 out of pocket (including sales tax) , got $2 Register Rewards back, and will be getting $9.99 back from rebates. Net out of pocket = $26.36

Retail cost of everything: $69.72

This is what I got:

These were free after rebate and/or coupons:

It's a Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder and mineral foundation from Jane. I'm not a photographer, can you tell? I'll try to light things a little better next time!

These are for Christmas. I ended paying $2.99 for the giant 12 oz. box of candy! I paid $5.25 for everything else - 3 candy cane pens, 6 pencils with giant Christmas themed erasers, 5 activity/coloring books, three candy bars for husband dear,and 3 empty tins for fudge to give away.

This falls under my regular grocery shopping. The Miracle Whip is $1.99 and goes on sale just at the right time - Walgreens runs it at this price often, limit two and it comes up for sale again just as we are halfway through our second jar. I usually make a lot of chicken salad from dinner leftovers for a free lunch, and Miracle Whip is crucial!

The GrapeNuts were 5/$8 after Register Rewards and Mr S LOVES GrapeNuts. Each box was 65 cents cheaper than the generic kind I usually buy. The milk was... just milk. $3.59 this week, not cheaper than the Big W but not more expensive either.

This I bought because my old eyeshadow was, well, old. I bought it just before I got pregnant with the child who recently celebrated her second birthday. It wasn't a great deal, but not getting pink eye = priceless. Plus husband dear appreciates it. Can you tell I don't wear makeup very often? And that I've been thinking that, perhaps, I should start?

How'd I do, oh coupon queens? Did I make any major rookie errors (aside from the makeup, that is!)


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