Fun New Book Meme!
Thursday, February 19, 2009
Go to your bookshelves, and post what is on TOP of them (not the top shelf, but on the very top).

In our house, the top of the bookcase is reserved for things I don't want the kids to get ahold of!

In the school room, the top of the bookcase contains:
Prisma colored pencils

6 Catholic coloring books on the Saints, the Rosary, the Most Holy Eucharist, etc. I make copies to use for lapbooks, feast day crafts, etc.

Preschool Lessons About Jesus (because the 3 yo was coloring in the blackline masters)

4 foldable candy boxes with handles.

Upstairs, I have three bookshelves side by side. The left bookshelf holds most of my Catholic and religion books.

The top is where I keep the rare, old books - and the rest of the shelf is where I keep books I haven't categorized yet.

I have a large book that is missing it's cover and spine - it's old and appears to contain papal encyclicals through the 19th century.

The Throne of the Fisherman, 1887
The Popes of Rome, vol. 1 (16th and 17th century) 1846
The Soul of the Apostolate
The Foot of the Cross
Charity for the Suffering Souls
Suffering - The Catholic Answer
Self Abandonment to Divine Providence
Eucharistic Miracles
Evidence of Satan in the Modern World (Cure D'Ars)
Visual (obviously misplaced!)

Middle shelf, I keep the books that are too big for the regular shelves, mainly art print books for school.
Mary Cassat
Winslow Homer
American Impressionists
Leonardo DaVinci
Stack of Catechist magazines
Laura Ingalls Wilder Country (from the museum, I think.)

The right bookshelf is for fiction, and "business" books.
A lot of Shannara books, by Terry Brooks
Angela's Ashes (didn't fit on the lit shelf)
Investing for Dummies
How to Master the Art of Selling
Idiot's Guide to Personal Finance
Idiot's Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship
Motley Fool Investment Guide
Dave Ramsay Total Money Makeover
Money Book of Personal Finance

In the playroom, the top of the bookcase holds:
Boardgames - Risk, Lord of the Rings Risk, Shogun, poker set, Axis and Allies, the chess clock, and a tub of baby toys that X has outgrown.

In the living room, I have several more older books, and a couple of classics that I took the dust jackets off of. The classics are the little cheap versions Barne's and Noble sells, but I like them because they fit in my purse and have a ribbon bookmark attached.

The top of that shelf contains:
Crime and Punishment
The Prince (I confess I've only made it about the quarter of the way through that one.)
St. Peter and the First Years of Christianity, 1927
Pictures of Christian Heroism, 1855
Systematic Study of the Catholic Religion, 1909 (haven't read that one yet, either)

How come modern books aren't as pretty as old books?

What's on YOUR bookshelves?


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