Bloggy Business: Works for Me Wednesday
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I'll never have a bloggy empire, but I do make a little egg money once in a while from my blog. I'd be writing anyway, and a little extra money for not doing anything different? Works for me!

I'm maybe too particular about my sponsors. I do Amazon (of course), and BlogHer. I also have two Catholic resources that I'm an affiliate of: Hear my Voice (left sidebar) and Aquinas and More, a Catholic store run by a homeschooling family in Colorado Springs.

And, Aquinas and More is running a contest this month! Who ever has the greatest percentage increase in sales wins! Customers just need to click the link from my website (search bar on the right sidebar).

And so, I will shamelessly pimp some of my favorite things, in case you are ordering for Lent and Easter!

I always try to put some religious item in the kids' Easter baskets (it is a religious holiday, after all!) and it's hard for me to get out to a good bookstore during the day, when they are open.

Shopping online (way too late at night, usually) works for me too!

These are all books I've read, usually more than once, and recommend.

Books for Moms:
A Mother's Rule of Life

Holiness for Housewives, by Dom Hubert Van Zeller

Books for Spiritual Growth
An Hour with Jesus
A small booklet, the size of a folded piece of paper -purse sized!

Take the kids to Adoration, too. My daughter's godmother sent her one of these, and the girls loved it so much I bought another one. My mother sent more - and I had to order even more!
Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book (based on actual great works for art; there's a whole series of beautiful coloring pages!)

Navarre Bible series
This bible has the text in English, footnotes relating to what Church Fathers or the Catechism says on the subject, and the Latin Vulgate at the bottom. The Navarre Pentateuch was especially good, as I had never read through it linearly! (I still got bogged down in Leviticus, as always, though...) I have Romans and the Book of Revelation, as well.

No Greater Love, by Mother Teresa

In addition to Lent and Easter, the Feast of the Annunciation is coming up (March 25) as is the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19) and St. Patrick's Day (March 17).

Do you have a First Communion friend coming up in April or May?
My Confession Book (I gave these to my catechism class last year as a Lenten gift)

Children's Missal, ordinary form (I don't have this version.)

Children's Missal, extraordinary form (Tridentine)

They also have a homeschooling section, including D'Aulaire's Myths, Kolbe Academy, Mother of Divine Grace, and lots of Latin lessons!

Bloggy Business income works for me, and so does online browsing and shopping! For more Works for Me Wednesday, check out Rocks in My Dryer!
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