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Friday, February 13, 2009
Wednesday, husband dear took the boys to a new chess club. I guess they had a good time, because they didn't make it home until 10:30! 6 yo Mr S. is just learning the rules. This morning he had a heated argument with Mr P over how the "Popes" move. Mr P insisted they were called bishops, not popes. Mr S, who recently mastered checkers, announce that the bishops had made it to the other side of the board and got "kinged" - making them popes.

Is first grade too young to start lessons on the heirarchy of the church?

I don't see how this could be legal, and I hope the parents sue for a violation of their rights.

A school attorney grills them on Catholic theology, saying he must determine if they are sincere Catholics. But he doesn't quiz them on the Catechism, but rather on the theological roots of beliefs!

450,000 have signed the petition at nostimulus.com. I usually don't sign online petitions, but added my name to this one. The petition is set to be presented to the Senate at 2 pm EST today.

The text of the bill
is finally online, 24 hours before the House is set to vote.

Text of SB22, which passed.

Does anyone know anything about the Texas Ratio? Economists say it is an indicator of your bank's health, and likelihood of failure. A ratio of over 100 is a danger sign; the lower the ratio, the better your bank's financial health is. Any thoughts? Chart here. (Sept. 08 figures)

Miss C is so funny. She got an Aquadoodle for Christmas, and she calls it her "Aqua Doodle Doo", because that's what the animals say when we play farm. Someone mistakenly used water colors, not plain water on it last week. Anyone know how to clean it?

We do Montessori style play at home, even though I don't own many classic works. Baby X's speech therapist is having a problem with this - his coping skills, problem solving, and life skills are too good! She wants us to start annoying using playful obstruction so that he will vocalize more (i.e., protest). I've compromised and we'll play tug of war and Hot Potato, instead. Sorry, but the last thing I want or need is a toddler who is being provoked on purpose! (Besides, it's not like he never throws a fit or gets provoked. He's just remarkably easy going and transitions very well.)

Part of Baby X's practical life skills apparently involve camera use. He's only 1 year old, but he loves to get ahold of the camera. I'm seeing a whole new perspective on my house, and some places are really dirty. I just never noticed because they are, you know, 20 inches off the floor.

I now have 300 pictures of the underside of my table, because that's where he runs to hide when he has something he knows he shouldn't have!

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