Dem Bones
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
We're studying the skeletal system. My older boys BEGGED me to "let" them do worksheets and not have to make a lapbook. Why do they hate glue sticks so much?

Okay, then. They can do worksheets, if that's what they want.

I bought this book at Mardel's:

Human Body: Fun Activities, Experiments, Investigations, And Observations! (Skills for Success Series) (Jan 2003) by Carson Dellosa Publishing

Other Printables:
Free Skeleton Page to label (with scientific names)

Human Body Unit, free PDF (looks like about 2nd grade)

Bone Diagrams, labeled and unlabeled. (Scroll down, they are towards the bottom)

Tons of books. I found a good children's Encyclopedia of the Human Body for less than $10 at Barnes and Noble (plus teacher discount). They LOVE this book, which they got for Christmas.

We got a ton more on bones and teeth at the library. If you look closely, you can see one on the floor behind Baby X on my 7 Quick Takes post!

Bones of the Face and Head, hands on lesson.

Model of Cervical Vertebrae,
using kitchen items.

Bone Connection, visual lesson the functions of the skeleton.

Visible Body
, which I haven't explored but looks pretty cool!

We already studied some properties of bones when we did our dinosaur lesson plan, including putting eggs and chicken bones in vinegar to show how minerals make it hard, and burying bones in the compost pile to show how they are the last thing to decompose in a body.

Another activity we are going to do is to write on their bodies, labeling the major bones!

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