7 Quick Takes: Week who knows? I'll call it 3
Thursday, February 05, 2009
My soup ladle holds exactly half a cup. Just the right portion for Ikea bowls, and it makes it so easy to track amounts for a food log.

Baby X learned how to put the wooden train tracks together. And he "Choo choos!", which is great because he usually doesn't use appropriate sounds when he plays. He's not quiet, but part of his speech thing, apparently, is not communicating even basic sounds and connecting them to objects - vrooming the cars, making the cows moo, etc. We've been working on it.

But what makes me happy is seeing him sitting on the floor building tracks. Just like his brother did, and his other brother, and the brother before that. Who knew that Brio knockoffs were a legacy toy?

Can you guess what we're studying in History? We're in the Middle Kingdom now.

I think it's great how hard Obama is working at decreasing our deficit. Why, out of just three appointees, he's already managed to collect nearly a quarter of a million dollars in back taxes! By the time he's done getting his cabinet approved, we might have all of that TARP money covered!

I hate shoe shopping. My feet are difficult. They always hurt. I wear athletic cross trainers with three inserts inside and never go barefoot. I think I must go this weekend, though. I bought these shoes 10 months ago and wear them 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Except Sundays - I wear torture devices nice shoes for the two hours it takes to go to Mass.

Could I possibly put if off any longer?

And are Merrills really worth the money?
(I do believe I'm probably the only woman whose husband begs her to go buy more shoes!)

The kids have come down with a cold. It's so funny how they all get sick in completely different ways. X has a runny nose and slowed down for a day, but is back in fine form. He also must wipe his nose himself. Miss E feels really puny. She gets headaches and stomach aches from drainage. Mr S always gets a croup-like cough that is never actually croup.

Mr R gets so manic I think I'm going to lose my mind. Always. Then he's a big baby for a couple of days, crying that he's simply too weak to even go to the bathroom or brush his teeth by himself. It doesn't even seem like the same germ!

My computer is dying a slow death. Somehow the DLL file got erased, and the only cure is to reformat the drive and reinstall Windows. But, our Windows CD is broken. So I have to beg, borrow, or steal one.

And soon - I work from home on the Internet, and it's difficult when the Blue Screen of Death makes itself at home while I'm working!


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