7 Quick Takes: Putting out fires
Friday, January 02, 2009
1. We paid off our van! First time since I've been married that I don't have a car payment. So of course we've outgrown it AND it's developed an oil leak. Maybe I can pick up a school bus, cheap.

2. What IS it with boys and fire? Mr R got a magnifying glass in his stocking (he's recently become very interested in rocks and crystals.) Remember the oil-leakin' van? It leaked on the driveway. And my boys discovered they can easily create fire with Pennzoil + Magnification + winter Texas sun. Does that count as a science lesson? I'm marking it down.

3. Baby X makes three signs now. Please, more, and eat. He uses the signs to ask for... food. And he talks! Kind of. He says uh-oh when he falls off whatever surface he is scaling.

4. This house is available for us to rent-to-own. I love the house. I will never buy the house because of the HOA Nazis. Yes, another warning. Gasp! Our garage door was open in the middle of the day!

5. St. Gemma Galgani is my patron saint. I just discovered a great website dedicated to her, with reprints of her writing, photos, etc. It is sobering to think she died a saint at 26. I'm 30... probably have 70 more years before I *might* come close to being called one. And even that's doubtful! LOL

6. Katie at Team Bettendorf is having an interesting discussion about Christian neighbors. She asks, "Are you your Christian neighbor?" Do your neighbors know you are a Christian? Do you even know your neighbor's names? I don't agree with the premise that the organized church is to blame for lack of neighborliness, but the comments are thoughtful. It's an ongoing theme on her blog. I do know several of my neighbors - we've shared food, given opinions on roofing estimates, and I know where they work and their children's names. But we're still neighborly, not friendly. BTW, the neighborhood Mormon missionaries know me too. I'm the crazy lady who told them I could never be part of a church that wasn't prolife.

7. I am genetically programmed to blog about my grocery list. Just as I can't help but be Catholic - the chemicals in my DNA require it. Proof?

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