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Sunday, December 21, 2008
Baby X used sign language! He says "more" using signs now.

He has also discovered how to use the sink stopper. He has combined this knowledge with the ability to drag chairs in to the bathroom and turn on the faucet. My bathroom floor is very clean now.

The spin cycle on the washer went out. While it was full of sleeping bags, which are difficult to wring out with one person.

Went to husband dear's Christmas party, which was a catered buffet style holiday dinner. Oh, my goodness! When did I get so picky? The cranberry sauce was out of a can, the stuffing was from a box, and the dessert were those creme puff that you can buy frozen and thaw. The mashed potatoes were made with margarine, not butter, and the rolls came from a bag. I never would have noticed before, and I always just thought I didn't have a sensitive palate. I guess it turns out that I just ate so much fake food I couldn't taste real food! Once you have real cranberry relish there's no going back, even though I adored canned cranberry sauce growing up.

I'm going to return my Sam's Club membership. We've been members for years and years, but since moving to TX, they just don't have good deals. I go *maybe* every two months, and the only thing I really buy is butter and yeast. And butter went up, it's now $2.25 per pound at Sam's. I can match that with coupons and loss leaders.

I've been to four different Sam's in Houston, and NONE of them carry things that were staples for me to pick up at other stores - Healthy Harvest pasta, bread flour in bulk, cornstarch in bulk, olives, and ZipFizz drink powder. I saw 1 lb. bags of yeast at the grocery store for a nickel more than I pay at Sam's. Supposedly, you get a full refund of your membership price if you cancel. We'll see!

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