Saturday, December 20, 2008
It doesn't feel like Christmas.

I pulled out the Advent wreath, but I'll admit that I didn't get around to buying candles and we haven't done a single night.

Husband dear has worked every Sunday, and we haven't been to Mass since Thanksgiving. Except I took the older kids on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception because it was in the evening.

Our Jesus Crib is still in the box. Our Jesse Tree - didn't work out this year. I'll be better prepared next year...

The stockings are up, the Christmas tree is up, the Nativities are out... but I am not in the Christmas mood.

Next week, husband is off for the whole week. Need to think of some activities to do as a family.


I wonder how many of the Israelites felt the same way? Tired of waiting for the Messiah. Resigned to putting one foot in front of the other and just making it through the day, the week, the month.

And then they were surprised by joy.

O come, Emmanuel!


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