Whew, That Was Close!
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Last night I was watching the Duggar's birth special. I convinced my editor to pay me to write it up, even though it's not a show we usually cover. Can you believe she had the baby last Thursday and they aired the footage 4 days later? Those editors must have been pulling doubles all weekend.

Mr R, age 10, was watching with me. At one point, Jim Bob and Michelle attend a natural childbirth class because, as they say, you can never stop learning. The instructor got a little graphic in her advice of how to use natural prostaglandins to soften the cervix. Without warning, I might add.

And then it happened. The ads came on and Mr R had a question.

Mr R: Mom, what was that word she said? What does that mean?

Me (hoping he's not thinking of "intercourse"): Uh, um, what word?

Mr R: Oh, I can't think of how to say it. You know what she was talking about?

Me (stalling): Cervix?

Mr R: No. Transverse. What does transverse mean?

Me (happily): Oh! That means the baby is sideways!

Whew! That was close!

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