Salt in the Wound
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
We have a fair bit of salt shaker drama around here.

I had the standard little glass set with the chrome metal lids. They got lost a lot. Then they got broken.

I upgraded to a wooden set - with a napkin holder! The shakers were too small (seriously, I had to refill it about twice a week) and they were hard to fill. They also got lost a lot. It looked kind of like this.

So I moved on to acrylic ones, from the dollar store. I bought THREE sets, and put salt in 5 of them and pepper in one. We have a giant vat of pepper that we plunk right down on the table, because we're classy like that.

Four of the salt shakers got permanently lost. The fifth got broken, despite being acrylic.

Every night at dinner I have the Great Shaker Hunt. I shake down the children (har-de-har-har), interrogating them as to the whereabouts of my vital kitchen tool. Then I end up trying to open the spout on the salt can a fraction and shaking it out. Once I poked holes in the cardboard top with a skewer, out of desperation.

My new weapon in the Salt Wars:
Big. Shiny. Unbreakable.

This thing holds probably half a can of salt. They are at least 6" high and 3-4" in diameter.

Hopefully we can at least stop losing it!


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