Christmas Eve with the Disorganized and Discombobulated
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
It's Christmas Eve. I must make my fudge! I've been putting it off because I can't use marshmallow creme.

I had three strikes against me before I even started:

  • We couldn't find the candy thermometer. It's okay, I'll just use the soft ball candy test.

  • It's raining. Can't help it. I'll use 1/2 c. corn syrup in place of sugar, in hopes of stabilizing the crystals. Even the driest day in Houston this week had 43% humidity.

  • New, untried recipe. But got raves on and was reprinted at Home-Ec 101.

I don't let little things like life circumstances stop me. So off I went to make the fudge.

It didn't turn out.

But... somehow I made Tootsie Rolls in the process and they are really good! I broke a spoon stirring the taffy-ish "fudge". If a little chewy.

Then, at 4 pm we decided to attend 7 pm Mass as a family. So we're leaving in an hour and I must fly to shave my legs and find clothes for the masses. Too much information? Sorry.

Then I'll return home and finish repairing that last stocking.

And wrap the presents.

And make cranberry sauce.

And two pies.

And rolls. And maybe even kolaches. Then I'll cut up fresh fruit for breakfast- a Christmas tradition.

Late nights and unexpected plans are a daily part of my existence.

Merry Christmas!

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