Paying Out of Pocket: Works For Me Wednesday
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Many insurance plans have differing coverages for prescription drugs. My health insurance has three copays: $15 for generic, $30 for name-brand, and $45 for a name-brand 30 day supply of drugs.

The formularies also might not make sense.

I usually have gestational diabetes. My doctor wants me to monitor my blood sugar, even though I have not been diagnosed. No problem, I got a nifty free meter from CVS'ing, so all I needed was a prescription for the strips!

Except. My insurance didn't cover that brand of strips (and it's a $45 copay.) Oh, they'll cover insulin shots and A1C tests and expensive diabetes drugs, but the strips necessary for good blood sugar control, so those other things aren't necessary? Nope.

There was a brand that was covered, but I'd have to buy a different meter. Fortunately, it's a brand that often has many coupons and rebates, making it cheap. Again, though, my copay for 100 strips is $45! Currently, I only need to test twice per day, so I really only need 60 strips per month, anyway.

I noticed Wal-Mart had an off brand machine, Reli-On. The machine was $9, and 50 strips were $22 (100 strips are $43). For $31 - 33% less than my copay - I bought a new machine and a month's supply (almost) of strips.

I found the same thing when I had a prescription for Motrin (800 mg.) A bottle of generic ibuprofen was a fraction of the cost of a copay!

Paying out of pocket - sometimes - Works for Me!

Also, this recipe for Olive Garden Alfredo is totally working for me, too!

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