Great Kid Book for Mass
Monday, December 15, 2008
I have a new advertiser, "Hear My Voice", a children's translation of the Gospel Readings.

The author, Jonathan Stampf, was kind enough to send me a reader's copy and it is a great resource for parents! It retells the week's Gospel in a simple, child friendly format and contains the actual Gospel on the sidebar for parents to read.

It is fully illustrated, and the pictures are simple and uncluttered without being simple-minded. There is also a website where you can print out a coloring page for that week's Mass. The pictures are of children, set in the time period when Christ lived.

I've long been a fan of Open Wednesdays, but that is a limited service in that the talks are for slightly older children and you can only see one week at a time. This book contains the entire year of readings.

I like it because we can read over the gospel message with the kids, and then take it to Mass where they can look through the whole book and the life of Christ.

You can order through the button on my sidebar; it would make a great Christmas or Epiphany gift, especially for a godchild.

Hear My Voice is a paid advertiser, however, I only allowed him to advertise after I approved and liked his product. We use it at our house - and it was nice this weekend when we were sick and missed Mass. I was still able to go over the readings with the kids.

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