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Monday, August 04, 2008
We're expecting Eduoardo tonight/tomorrow, and I was browsing the list of official closures for Houston.

I came across this one:
Kandiland Day School of Friendswood

Would you send your kid to a school called Kandiland? How are their spelling scores?

....and then this tidbit:

Victoria Osteen pre-trial and jury selection

Victoria Osteen is the wife of Joel Osteen, and co-pastor of the largest church in America. They aren't overtly Christian, at least not in the media, although they do have a show on the Trinity Broadcast Network. Wonder what's going on there?

***UPDATE*** Apparently Victoria behaved badly on an airline flight, and abused/maligned a flight attendant. Joel Osteen paid a $3000 fine, but the airline attendant is suing. The fact that the Osteens preach a Wealth gospel, and practice what they preach supposedly has nothing to do with the lawsuit...

**UPDATE 2 *** The flight attendant is suing for damages, because Osteen is a preacher, claiming the incident has damaged her faith in God and therefore she should be compensated.

Only in America.

'K. Nuf gossip.

and then this:
Opening night for "Tuna Does Vegas" at Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House has been postponed

...which might not actually be a bad thing!


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