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Monday, August 04, 2008
We move a lot.

We are perpetual renters (who can buy a house when we'll only be in town for a year?)

Our new house is the largest we have ever had. We went from 1200 sq. feet to 2200 sq. ft.

I'm going to attempt something that has never been done before at Mama's house.

I'm going to decorate a room. (Actually, now that I think about it, I did have a bathroom done in 2003 that I was very proud of).

I can do this!

I have Kelly and Monica and Meredith and the Nester backing me up. Should be no problem, right?

Here are the before shots:

Our living room, right off the kitchen, sports a large, chocolate brown wall. I can't change that. The kitchen shares the brown wall and the rooms open into each other.

Our couches are very used secondhand buys, in an off-white leather. I bought some superglue and fixed the part that was coming unsewn.

By "very used", I mean I bought them from a lady who lived on a boat and had a naughty cat.

More unpacked boxes, unbuilt shelves, and temporary junk storage in the middle of our living space:

Obviously, this room needs help.

This pretty little tote bag was $1 at FoodTown - it's one of those eco-friendly stop-using-plastic-bags specials, that someone made out of red Waverly toile. I love toile and I'm going to try to work it into the room.

All of the craft stores are having a major clearance. Michael's has aisles marked down 50% or more; Hobby Lobby has lots marked down 80%. I got some great things to add to what I already own!

My little black basket - $1.60 (80% off at Hobby Lobby). The Nester would be proud!

Giant picture frames for $2.40 and $4.31. They don't have glass, but they'll fill up space on my blank white wall (off white sofa + white shelves + white wall = boring!) One of them may be used in the school room for posters, though. I haven't decided. The brown one is four feet wide, and originally cost $99.

Lamp $9.99 (And husband dear loves it.) The Pretty Lady - I don't know why I bought her, but I love the lines of her dress. She's supposed to go in the garden, but I think she'll be going on a shelf. Clock was $3.77 at WalMart - I was going to buy a clock anyway, and the red ones cost the same as the black or white ones.

Floral containers were 60% off at Michaels, and I know I'll find something to do with the urn.

I have admired this fabric every time I go to Hancock's. I've *almost* bought it in three different states, but chickened out at the last minute because where we live is always "temporary".

I don't know why I love it so, but after 5 years, it's a good bet that I'll be able to live with it. Decorator fabric was 50% last week, so I bought three yards. And a yard of coordinating stripe fabric.

I have to go light on the flowers - the menfolk outnumber the women around here. It's hard to tell, but the colors are creamy yellow, sage green, red, pink and tan.

Let's see if I can put a room together!

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