Cheap Fruit
Friday, August 01, 2008
How we avoid junk food.

Our local dollar store carries fruit!

I got 14 pears and 16 kiwis for less than $4.

Cantaloupe, $.99 each

Peaches, $.77/lb.

Oranges, 8/$1

This whole tray? Less than $8! It'll be gone by the end of the weekend, though. Big families are big fruit eaters.

I love summer!

BTW - that three tiered server is how I solved my problem with Baby C and fruit. I put stuff she CAN eat on the bottom, (or sometimes just onions and garlic) and the stuff she needs Mama for on the top. The whole thing sits on our kitchen island. Also, we moved to a house with better "flow", and the kitchen is not a small partitioned off room, so Mama can keep a closer eye on her.

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